Never Let School Get in the Way of Your Education

By: Moya Rose Cavanagh '16

     Tuesday, May 6, 2014

    The great and prolific Mark Twain once said, "Don't let your schooling interfere with your education." So we listened to him, took Ajaan Kai's Economics exam early, and caught a cheap flight to Vietnam via Bangkok.

    I should explain that Ajaan Kai does not teach at St. Lawrence, nor did we set off from Canton. We started instead from Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand during our semester abroad in October. Two flights, one night on Bangkok airport benches, five Vietnamese visa acquisitions, a Hanoi taxi ride and a five hour blind faith bus and boat trip later, we emerged from a foggy haze and found ourselves looking out at the South China Sea in the late afternoon. We stared out at an ocean shining at once blue, gold, green, and orange, at rock formations rising from it, and at junk boats coming in from a day out fishing...

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