Israel Summer course 2017 opens eyes

Students had the wonderful experience of studying 'War, Peace and Conflict' in Israel during May 2018 with SLU professor and Israeli national Dr. Ronnie Olesker of St. Lawrence's Government department. Dr. Olesker's students blogged during their course reflecting on the country and their understanding of Israel’s external security environment, external and internal threats to its political democratic structures, and how conflict in the country is managed. Dr. Olesker will run take another group to Israel in May 2018 - applications for the course are now open and further information is available here.

"I took a chance to go to Israel, and it has been one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. I am confident in saying that this has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest course that I have ever taken with the most amazing professor. ” Tanner McCaskie ‘20

"What I learned from this course was life changing.” Tanveer Kalo ‘18

"The trip was so important because I learned things through experiences that I could not have learned through readings.” Douglas Christensen ‘20

"This was easily one of the best experiences of my life.” Timothy Lawlor ‘19

"The country and views were beautiful, the food was excellent (especially the gelato), and the marketplaces were bustling. Between readings, reflections papers, and scheduled activities, there was time to lounge by the hotel pool, explore Tel Aviv, and go to the beach. Furthermore, I am walking away from this trip with multiple new friends I might not have met otherwise, and I've grown closer with my wonderful, inspiring professor and advisor, Ronnie.” Victoria Friend ‘18