The St. Lawrence University Program in France is based in Rouen, a city of 125,000 people, 75 miles northwest of Paris. The city of Corneille and Flaubert, of Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror, the center of Rouen is often referred to as the ville musée because of the abundance of  major medieval structures.

The program’s office and classrooms are housed at the International Relations Office of the University of Rouen, which has about 30,000 students.  Students take courses offered by French faculty designed specifically for St. Lawrence students.  Students who stay for the year (which we strongly encourage for those who wish to become fluent) directly enroll in at least some University courses in their second semester.

The program includes a program study tour to Dakar, Sénégal, where students take classes on Sénégalese culture, history, and language.

  • Based in Rouen.
  • Spring, Fall semester or academic year (available to students with little or no French - a spring semester option: Global Francophone Cultures)
  • Pre-requisites: 2.8 GPA Recommended to apply; at least one 200-level French course.
  • Qualified students have the option of enrolling in an elective course at the University of Rouen.
  • All courses taught in French.
  • Live with homestay families.
  • Academic Year Students with a very good level of French (European level B2) can take 3 classes directly at the University of Rouen in the Spring semester if accepted by the program.

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The St. Lawrence University Program in France is based in Rouen, the capital of Upper Normandy. Rouen was ranked the third best medium-sized city in France. It has a rich cultural history with parks, gardens, museums and markets. 

The University of Rouen, located in Mont Saint-Aignan - a suburb of Rouen - is a modern university with about 30,000 students. The St. Lawrence Program uses classrooms and offices in the International Relations Office. There are opportunities to socialize with French students; however, French students do not take program classes offered to the fall and spring semester students. Year-long students may directly enroll in University courses during their second semester.

Students whose language skills are deemed appropriate by the Department of Modern Languages will be permitted to enroll in an elective course at the University of Rouen.

More information on the program including information for parents and updates from current students is available here.

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The Program in France is designed to serve two distinct student groups. The spring & fall semesters and the year-long program are designed for students with a good command of the French language.  The spring & fall courses, designed specifically for our program participants, are taught in French by local professors. Those electing to stay on for the year will enroll in courses at the University of Rouen for the second semester. More information on studying at the University of Rouen can be found here.

Students on the academic-year program will work closely with the director to find appropriate courses in the spring with French students through various departments at the University of Rouen or take independent studies.  Academic year semester students may return to Paris if they are serving as guides for the GFC program and are invited to return to Senegal to conduct an internship. Otherwise they may propose a cultural enrichment program of their own design which, if approved, will in part be covered by a stipend from SLU. 

Fall & Spring Semester Required Courses:

FR 282/AFS 282: L’Afrique et le Sénégal: Approches historique, physique, économique, culturelle et politique (Fulfills HUMANITIES distribution requirement)

FR 321F: French Culture and Language (Fulfills HUMANITIES distribution requirement)

FR 240F: French Encounters (Fulfills HUMANITIES distribution requirement)

Fall & Spring Semester Elective Courses:

FR 363F: French Literature 1 (required for French majors) (Fulfills HUMANITIES distribution requirement)

FR 249/GOVT249: Contemporary Politics (Fulfills SOCIAL SCIENCES distribution requirement)

FR 205/FA 205: French Painting and Sculpture (Fulfills HUMANITIES distribution requirement)

Academic year Required Courses:

FR 241: January Volunteer Placement

Students enroll in courses at the University of Rouen.

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All scheduled group activities, including field trips, are included in the comprehensive fee. Each year the program organizes two study tour components to Paris and Sénégal. In addition, students have an extensive schedule of day or overnight visits to museums, galleries, theaters and monuments sites with historical, political and cultural significance that will complement their classes. These visits are planned with the goal of furthering the students' understanding of French and Francophone culture.  In recent years the program has visited Mont-Saint-Michel; Bayeux; the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy; Fontainebleau; Giverny and the Loire Valley. 

Throughout the year, students may attend the theater, symphony concerts and other selected events in Rouen. They are reimbursed according to program guidelines for attending cultural activities of their own choosing.

Year-long students will have the option of designing an independent cultural program in the Spring for travel/research within France. If the project is approved, the student will receive funding for associated expenses.

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The family experience constitutes a prime element of the academic program in France. Students are typically placed one per household in homes distributed throughout Rouen and the Mont Saint-Aignan area. The families provide a pleasant atmosphere for students and family members participate in a variety of the group's activities. Students take breakfasts, dinners and weekend lunches in the home. For weekday lunches at the University and during the internship, students receive a stipend. Year-long students may stay with their families during the semester break.

Once accepted to the program, students complete a detailed, confidential housing preference form in order to be matched with the most suitable family.  The form includes questions regarding dietary preferences, and allergies, level of independence desired, etc.  The program attempts to accommodate individual requests but this may not always be possible.  

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Please find program calendar Fall 2016

Please find program calendar Spring 2017

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Pre-departure: The CIIS office organizes in-depth orientation sessions on-campus prior to the students participation in the program. This includes a program specific session(s) in which the students will learn more about the program, local culture, academic expectations, and any other important information. There is also an orientation session lead by the CIIS office on culture shock, and what to expect, as well as safety and security while abroad.

In France: Students arrive in France in late August or mid January. They are met in Paris by the program director and accompanied to Rouen for a brief orientation prior to the beginning of classes. 

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Program Contacts

If you are interested in learning more about the France program please contact one of the following people.

CIIS OfficeKelley Lawson-Khalidi, Director of Off-Campus Programs - Questions about eligibility, program logistics, and other off-campus opportunities.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Elun Gabriel - Questions about program academics.

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