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International Iron Chef 2017

4:30pm to 6:30pm

One Pan. One Hour. One Winner.

We’re inviting teams to cook a special international dish in the Dana Dining Hall on Tuesday March 28th.

We provide the ingredients*. You provide the team.

Prizes go to the winning team!

Contact Karen Smith for more details and to enter.


  • You must provide the full recipe in advance and by Monday 27th at 10am.
  • All groups must prepare their item on the DAY of the competition in Dana Dining Hall.
  • If you need to marinate your main ingredient you may do so a day ahead of time in Dana.
  • Your entrée must be made in a sauté pan (skillet).
  • Your recipe CANNOT contain any alcohol*.
  • To boost the presentation of your entrée you may bring in an edible garnish (it MUST be edible) i.e. edible flower, parsley
  • As part of your application please include a short write-up describing your dish and the cultural/historical significance of it.  This is an important component of your application.
  • Be prepared to present your entrée to the judges.  Be sure to address the below criteria and discuss cultural relevance. 
  • We will provide animal or vegetable protein, vegetables, a starch and spices. Menus must be provided in advance and ingredients must be available locally.*

SLU International Iron Chef Schedule:

Tuesday March 28th, Dana Dining Hall, 5:00-6:30pm (cooking will begin at 5pm)

  • 4:30pm: students arrive and start setting up
  • 5pm: students begin cooking
  • 6pm: Cooking ends
  • 6:00-6:15pm: Students present to judges (five minutes each)
  • 6:30pm: Judges deliberate and announce the winner!

The judges will critique you on:

  • 1. Presentation: Is the entrée aesthetically pleasing?  Does it catch the eye?  Does the presentation stand out from the others?
  • 2. Aroma: Does the entrée have a distinct scent or steam?  Can you taste the entrée through your nose?
  • 3. Taste: Is the food flavorful; salty or sweet, spicy or mild.  Please look for a proper balance.
  • 4. Texture: What is the texture of the entrée?  Example: Crispy or soft, tender or tough, crunchy, stringy etc.
  • 5. Finish: Were you satisfied with the dish?  Did it have a positive after taste?