Student Bios

Matthew DePuccio
Majors: Chemistry
Minors: Sociology

Attending St. Lawrence University has allowed me to embrace what it means to be part of a community. By working alongside other great students and professors, I have been able to earn a degree in...

Marcus Tuttle
Majors: Double major in Chemistry and Mathematics
Minors: Statistics

During his first two summers at St. Lawrence Marcus did research in inorganic chemistry (one summer on a chemistry department grant, the second as an SLU Fellow), and during the 3rd summer, worked...

Kristin-Lee Berretta
Majors: Chemistry
Minors: Biology

Making the decision to come to St. Lawrence was easy due to its close proximity to Canada as well as a dynamic golf and science program. St. Lawrence is a small school which benefits student life...

John Jaworski
Majors: Biochemistry

Declared biochemistry as my major freshman year.  I am a participant in Dr. Gao’s research on the effects of heavy metals on teeth.  I’m planning on furthering my education after my time...

Katie Buxton
Majors: Chemistry (ACS)

I was drawn to St. Lawrence mostly because of its setting, small size, and beautiful campus.  As a first-year, I was unsure about exactly what I wanted to study, but I knew that I was...