Student Bios

Christopher Lundberg
Major(s): Chemistry
Minor(s): Biology

Before attending St. Lawrence University I knew I was interested in the sciences but had no idea what I wanted to major in. After taking two semesters of General Chemistry during my freshman year...

Andrew Hayes
Major(s): Biochemistry

I would like to encourage anyone interested in sciences at SLU to meet with the faculty in the Chemistry and Biology Departments. As a swimmer on the varsity team I know firsthand that teachers...

Douglas McWilliams
Major(s): Biochemistry
Minor(s): African Studies

I worked with Dr. Skeels for junior research. I participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota my Sophomore and Junior summers. I am...

Rachael Kenney
Major(s): Chemistry (ACS)
Minor(s): Music


While exploring the possibility of attending St. Lawrence University, I was immediately drawn to the school because of its intimate size and close student...

Peterson Maina
Major(s): Biochemistry

During my senior year I worked on a research project with Dr. Emily Dixon.

Marcus Tuttle
Major(s): Double major in Chemistry and Mathematics
Minor(s): Statistics

During his first two summers at St. Lawrence Marcus did research in inorganic chemistry (one summer on a chemistry department grant, the second as an SLU Fellow), and during the 3rd summer, worked...