Rachael M Kenney

Rachael Kenney
Rachael M Kenney
Chemistry (ACS)
Chestertown, NY
American Chemical Society President, Organic Chemistry TA, Cycling, University Chorus, and Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter.


While exploring the possibility of attending St. Lawrence University, I was immediately drawn to the school because of its intimate size and close student body. I can confidently state now that I chose wisely. As a senior at SLU, I have had numerous opportunities made available to me because of a small student to professor ratio and dedicated faculty. As my chemistry class sizes were small, I was able to establish a solid group of friends in my classes. Having a group of “study buddies” with the same zeal for science, made studying for and understanding chemistry even more enjoyable. The quality and devotion of the faculty at SLU further enhances the chemistry program. The entire chemistry department, without exception, makes a clear effort to always be available to students.


As a student in the chemistry program at St. Lawrence, I have had the opportunity to spend extra time in the lab setting and gained hands-on experience with a variety of instruments. One of the advantages of being a science major at SLU is the newly constructed Johnson Hall of Science (JHS). Over the past four years, I have spent a lot of quality time in JHS and feel blessed to have enjoyed state of the art facilities.


There are many ways for a student to become involved in the chemistry department. I was given the opportunity to participate in a work-study program and serve as an assistant in the chemistry stockroom during my freshman and sophomore year at SLU. During my junior and senior year I had the opportunity to help other students and the faculty by working as an organic chemistry teaching assistant. Both experiences were exceedingly rewarding and allowed me to interact regularly with the chemistry faculty.


The summer following my junior year I was awarded an SLU Summer Research Fellowship. Through this great honor, I was able to perform research on campus with Dr. Samantha Glazier on a project titled: The Binding of an Anti-Cancer Drug to DNA: Tracking the Movement of Individual Water Molecules Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy. This research project has become my senior year experience credit. Doing research as an undergrad at SLU has proved to be quite rewarding, and I now plan to pursue a Ph.D. in analytical/physical chemistry next Fall.


Aside from academics I have participated in a variety of activities on campus. During my freshman year I became a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and through the organization I was able to promote various sciences in both the student body and community through volunteer work. I am currently the President of the ACS chapter and am excited to see what new things this academic year will bring. Outside of the chemistry department, I spend a lot of my time in the music department. I play guitar, am a singer/songwriter and have had the wonderful privilege to participate in the university community chorus. As a music minor at SLU, I am very excited that the courses I have taken have really helped me to become a stronger musician.


In closing, the small student body at SLU has proven to be a catalyst for successful growth of students. The faculty at SLU are exceptional. They go above and beyond to help you find your way to where you truly belong and push you to exceed in all that you do. The strong relationships that I have with the students and the faculty in the chemistry department have all contributed to making my undergraduate experience a success.