Patricia E Weaver

Patricia Weaver
Patricia E Weaver
Ballston Spa, NY
Chi Omega Fraternity, SLUpport our Troops, Advocates, Skiing, Ice Skating

Upon coming to St. Lawrence I knew I was interested in the sciences, but beyond that I wasn’t sure of the specifics I wanted to pursue. I chose Biochemistry as my major because of the broad array of options it would give me for choosing what I wanted to do after my time at St. Lawrence. When it comes to being interested in both biology and chemistry, it’s honestly the best of both worlds.  It has been challenging at times but rewarding none the less. With hard work and help from inspiring professors whose office doors always seemed open to me, I have made it through these past few years and the experience I have gained is amazing.  One of the things I love most about the science department here is the many opportunities to get involved with research. I am currently doing my senior research project with Dr. Ning Gao, measuring the concentrations of heavy metals in human teeth. This project has given me the opportunity to learn how to operate the Scanning Electron Microscope owned by St. Lawrence.

            With my time at St. Lawrence coming too quickly to a close I am face with the decision of choosing how I wish to further my education. Luckily I have managed to complete my degree a semester early, giving me time to pursue the various options I have available to me now. As of now I plan on either furthering my education through dental school or graduate level research.