Meredith C Allen

Meredith Allen
Meredith C Allen
Farmington, Maine
  • Major: Chemistry (ACS)
  • Minor: Mathematics
  • Activities (extracurricular): Club Soccer, Baila (Latin Dance Club), La Sociedad Hispana (Hispanic Society), Nordic Ski Club.

 When I was looking at colleges I applied to St. Lawrence because one of my family friends had attended SLU .  My impression of my first campus  as a freshman in High School stuck with me.   When I to campus it felt like the perfect fit and I felt I belonged here.  As a Freshman I was unsure of an academic direction.  In High School I had really enjoyed my math and science classes so other than my FYP, I enrolled in Calculus and General Chemistry.  After being reintroduced to the subject of chemistry by the patient teachers who teach general chemistry I decided to continue on that track.  In my sophomore year I took Organic chemistry, this course was much more intense compared to the review I had in my first year.  Once I got used to the academic rigor, I found my course work to be more interesting than intimidating.