Kristin-Lee Berretta

Kristin-Lee Berretta
Kristin-Lee Berretta
Montreal, Quebec
I have been on the women’s varsity golf team since freshman year, and have been captain for her three consecutive years. I am also the golf representative for the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. I am a member of the SLU Chapter of the American Chemical Society, and a chemistry department peer tutor.

Making the decision to come to St. Lawrence was easy due to its close proximity to Canada as well as a dynamic golf and science program. St. Lawrence is a small school which benefits student life in every aspect. I really appreciate the fact that the small class size gives a one on one learning with the professors.

In my sophomore year, I made the decision to follow a discovered passion for chemistry. I became actively involved in SLUSAACS, the St. Lawrence chapter of the American Chemical Society where I served as president and continue to be an active member.

Since St. Lawrence is such a small school, the opportunities available to the students are incredible inside and outside the classroom. I was awarded a SLU Fellowship to do research with chemistry professor Dr. Samantha Glazier on chemical models of anti-cancer pharmaceuticals based on ruthenium compounds with organic side chains. My summer research and experience was so interesting that I have continued it as my senior research project.

Another strong aspect about St. Lawrence is the opportunity for pre-medical students to volunteer at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital Emergency Room, which is a great chance to learn about medicine in a hands-on situation. The strong academic reputation of St. Lawrence along with the interactive faculty has made my experience truly incredible.