Kirk W Shimkin

Kirk W Shimkin
Kirk W Shimkin
Delmar, NY
Baseball team, Omikron Delta Kappa leadership society, QRC mentor, SLU peer tutoring program, Peer-led workshop leader, ACE comedy.

My experience at St. Lawrence has been highlighted by many things like my experiences playing for the university baseball team, my involvement with Omikron Delta Kappa, and my time as a QRC mentor. But few things have been as rewarding as my time spent with the chemistry department. What I did not know about St. Lawrence when I entered was the strength of the departments in the sciences. After my first semester of general chemistry with Dr. Skeels, I knew that I had my major. The dynamic and helpful faculty, have pushed me to become a better student and prepare me for whatever field I choose to enter after school

The introductory organic chemistry course was what truly sparked my interest in chemistry. After that year, my interest in synthetic chemistry turned into a full-blown research interest and career goal. This interest led me to participate in two summers of research at the State University of New York at Albany doing biologically relevant organic synthesis and biomaterials research with Dr. Melinda Larsen. The senior year experience (SYE) has been a way for me to put my interests to work in the lab, performing novel experiments with β-Thujone, one of the natural products of cedar leaf oil.

I cannot imagine another school as small as St. Lawrence that provides the opportunities, widely respected faculty, and state of the art facilities that SLU does. Throughout my time here, I have used cutting edge technology and been provided the opportunity to conduct a novel research project with the help of a faculty advisor. The small size of the department provided me the opportunity to get to know my teachers and work one on one with them whenever I needed help. This opportunity to have personal contact with faculty is something I will always be grateful for when I look back on my time at St. Lawrence.

Kirk W Shimkin