Kiersten E LaPorte

Kiersten E LaPorte
Kiersten E LaPorte
Georgia, Vermont
ODK, ACS, Track and Field, SAAC

One of the major reasons I wanted to come to St. Lawrence University was due to the, newly build, Johnson Hall of Science building. Although, I did not know the Chemistry Department was located on the 3rd floor. Walking up and down the stairs has provided great exercise over the last four years. I was very excited to pursue a chemistry major at St. Lawrence, however, as I went through the general courses I grew nervous about the research aspect of my education. It was not until I received a 2010 Summer SLU Fellowship that I truly gained an appreciation for chemistry and a love for research! This experience opened my eyes to all of the research conducted by students at SLU, specifically research advised by the Chemistry Department faculty. Through research, general chemistry teaching assistant, and workshop leading, I have gotten to know the chemistry faculty very well; they are all extremely friendly and always helpful. The Chemistry Department at St. Lawrence University is very strong due to the diverse faculty and the opportunity’s provided for students, such as the opportunity to work with the many instruments.