Katie Buxton

Katie Buxton
Katie Buxton
Chemistry (ACS)
Richmond, VT
SLU club ice hockey, ODK, chemistry TA, and geocaching

I was drawn to St. Lawrence mostly because of its setting, small size, and beautiful campus.  As a first-year, I was unsure about exactly what I wanted to study, but I knew that I was interested in the sciences.  I took a variety of introductory courses during my first two years, including biology, calculus, statistics, physics, and chemistry.  I enjoyed the first four, but there was something special about chemistry.  I liked that it was a discipline which required both analytical and critical thinking, and that it was based upon the solid foundation of the scientific method.  I also liked that it was a science which incorporated a fair bit of math and abstract concepts, while still remaining relatively tangible and applicable to the world around us.  So, after taking general chemistry and the first part of organic chemistry, I realized that I’d found my niche, and I became a permanent member of 3rd floor JHS.  In my time at St. Lawrence, I’ve had the opportunity to be a TA in both the math and chemistry departments, and to be involved in a variety of research projects.  On campus, I’ve worked in the lab of Dr. Neil Law, synthesizing and characterizing metallacrown complexes, and in the lab of Dr. Samantha Glazier, studying the binding mechanism of an anthracycline anti-cancer drug to DNA.  Off campus, I’ve interned at Nalco (a chemical company based in Naperville, IL), synthesizing and characterizing polymers for wastewater treatment applications, and participated in an REU program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, developing and optimizing a green method for extracting chlorogenic acid from a variety of food matrices.  After graduating in the spring, I plan to enroll in graduate school and pursue my PhD in analytical or physical chemistry.