Andrew S. Pfluger

Andrew S. Pfluger
Andrew S. Pfluger
Bedminster, NJ
Current Activities: • President at Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society at St. Lawrence University • Canton Community Outreach Chair for the Thelomathesian Society • Intern for Mayor Charlotte Ramsay of Canton, NY Past Activities: • President at Canton Ambassadors • Intern at Custom Essence • Junior Analyst Intern at Merrill Lynch • Chemistry Laboratory Assistant at St Lawrence University • Member at The Economic Development Steering Committee

Attending Saint Lawrence University has given me such a great appreciation for attending a liberal arts school. I first started off at Saint Lawrence with ambitions of becoming a medical doctor, but soon discovered my true academic passion lay within Economics. Nevertheless having gone through the required undergraduate course load for medical school, I gained a huge appreciation for science and have a minor in Chemistry.

In an effort to bind my interests in Economics and Chemistry, I became the Treasurer of the American Chemical Society during my sophomore year. Then through my hard work, I was elected President both my junior and senior years. As President of the student chapter of the American Chemical Society, I have helped to increased membership and put in place an initiative to host at least one Skype-based informational interview per semester with professionals in the medical and chemical communities (see our link on the Chemistry Department website).

Furthermore, I combined Chemistry and Economics by interning with Custom Essence a fragrance company in Somerset, NJ. Through this internship I became well acquainted with the world of fragrance, from fine fragrances to fragrance in consumer products. The summer after my sophomore year, I worked for Custom Essence in their quality control and compounding laboratories. Then the following summer I worked as an assistant to the Technical Director, during which I worked on the synthesis of new fragrances in order to accommodate customer’s desires.

Andrew S. Pfluger