NYSARC Community Arts

Location: Canton, NY (approximately 1.8 miles from campus) 

Mission: According to their website: "St. Lawrence NYSARC exists as a non-profit membership association to provide services in the community for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Our mission is to offer individuals and their families an opportunity to achieve self determined goals. All services strive to promote choices intended to meet each person's therapeutic, residential, and employment needs and interests. This Agency is committed to providing lifelong opportunities that enhance the individuality, inclusion, independence, and personal growth of individuals receiving services."

Projects:  As provided on their website, here is the full list of Community Arts programming:

  • Acting 101: The Acting Workshop teaches individuals the basics of acting through the use of rehearsal and other skill activities. This beginner workshop educates on the foundations of performing.
  • Creative Writing:The Creative Writing participants will learn how to write short stories, poems, comic books, newsletters, etc. Writing skills will also be taught and incorporated into the creative process.
  • Dance 101: The Dance 101 Workshop teaches the fundamental steps of basic dances such as tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical.
  • Literary Arts: The Literary Arts Workshop allows individuals to enhance their reading skills and abilities. The members select the reading materials and have group reading sessions each workshop.
  • Line Dancing: Participants learn the fundamentals and basic steps of line dancing.
  • Martial Arts:The Martial Arts Workshop combines instruction on all the elements of the martial arts. This is a non-contact activity.
  • Recreational Arts:The Recreational Arts Workshop teaches a basic level of arts & crafts activities.
  • Team NYSARC:Team NYSARC is a community outreach group consisting of staff members, program participants, and community members whose goal is to give back to the community.
  • Technical Theatre:Students learn concepts like lighting, set, and costume design. They also work work with the acting and dance groups to create sets for various projects.
  • Visual Arts:The Visual Arts Workshop instructs individuals on the basics of: painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, and other artistic mediums.

For spring 2016, students will have the opportunity to engage in the following Community Arts programming: Visual Arts and Cultural Arts