Community Partner Spotlight: Canton Central School's Sue Bastien

~Julia Hall '14

Mrs. Sue Bastien, a 3rd grade teacher at Canton Elementary school, opens up her classroom each semester for SLU students to connect and become involved in the Canton Community. She initially got involved through Economics Professor, Cynthia Bansack's First Year Program (FYP) based on children's literature and economics. Mrs. Bastien enjoys having  SLU students in her classroom because each student brings their own special talents and interests, which enriches the classroom. By having the college students in the classroom, the Canton students are provided with more positive attention within an academic setting. Mrs. Bastien sees the SLU students as " wonderful role models" for the Canton students because they are able to see that education is the key to having choices and having the life they want. Overall, Mrs. Bastien believes the CBL program is a wonderful way to connect the Canton and SLU community.