Little River Community School

Location: Canton, NY (approximately 5.0 miles from campus)

Mission: According to their website, Little River Community School's philosophy is "At Little River Community School, we have a fundamental trust in children and their inherent motivation to learn about their world." Further, "Children are encouraged to understand and relate to the changing world around them. Given the opportunity, the students develop self-reliance and confidence, enabling them to make decisions and to take responsibility for the results of their actions. We nurture continued self-motivation rather than dependence on external motivation. Little River students are encouraged to help one another and learn through cooperation."

Projects: Students will assist with 1:1 and small group reading, as well as an activity period (cooperative games).


More Information: Students choosing this site should be self-directed and able to work with little direction/supervision. Interested students must become familiar with, understand, and appreciate the school's philosophy