Community Based Learning

"Community Based Learning (CBL) combines civic engagement with academic instruction, critical thinking, and reflection in a reciprocal relationship that benefits students, community partners, and faculty. CBL placements engage students in service work that addresses local needs while providing students with the opportunity to reflect on course materials and ideas both inside and outside the classroom." (Definition adapted from the Faculty Service-Learning Handbook, College of Southern Maryland)

Common Terms and Definitions

CBL Requirements

CBL Student Placement Process



26:         Students will Receive Placement Preference Form to Select Placement
30:         CBL Placement Preference Forms Due

2:           Placement Decisions are Finalized via Email Notification
4:           Community Mentor Sends CBL Orientation Instructions Email to Students
              (If a student does not receive this, please contact the CBL Office ASAP:
7-11:      Student Attend On-Campus Orientation and Complete Required Placement Forms
12:         Students Begin Placements
26:         Student CBL Expectations reviewed by Professor in Class
              Student CBL Commitment form due ONLINE
              Mileage Reimbursement Application due ONLINE



4:           Festival of CBL Presentation Proposals Due ONLINE
19-27:   THANKSGIVING BREAK: (No placement visits scheduled for these dates.
              NOTE: Break official begins at 5pm on Friday, 11/18. For placements that take place prior to 5pm,
              students are still scheduled to attend.


1:           Festival of CBL Presentations Final Draft and Presentation Release Form Due to CBL
              Poster Presentations sent to Printing
4:           LAST DAY FOR CBL PLACEMENTS (ALL required hours are earned by this date)
6 & 8:     First Year Program Festival of Community Based Learning
Location: Eben Holden   Time: 10:10am - 11:40am
7:           Non-First Year Festival of Community Based Learning
Location: Eben Holden  Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
8:           LAST DAY OF CLASSES
12:         Mileage Logs Due ONLINE (for students with approved mileage reimbursement)
              Student Evaluation of CBL Program Due ONLINE
              Community Partner Evaluation of Student Due - Check with your Community Placement
              Supervisor to ensure this is complete. Your professor needs this for your final grade.
16 :        LAST DAY OF EXAMS