CBL Student Placement Attendance Policy

We recognize that illnesses occur and that these situations cannot be anticipated. With this said, the CBL office implements the following attendance policy as it pertains to your CBL component to your course. Also, if you are absent from any CBL requirement then it is your responsibility to notify the Community Partner Supervisor in advance.

Missing up to two sessions of either training/orientation or your weekly placement visit is allowed if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The conflict is related to a severe illness or hospitalization and you email or call your Community Mentor immediately
  2. The conflict is due to an athletic or course commitment that cannot be rearranged and the Community Mentor is given seven seven days’ notice
  3. The conflict is due to another nature, but is brought to the Community Mentors attention at least two weeks in advance.

After two missed sessions occur, the student may be removed from the associated placement and the CBL Office will not be responsible for finding a replacement and the course grade may be compromised as a result.