CBL Student Online Handbook

Dear Student:

Welcome to Center for Civic Engagement. Under the direction of the Community Based Learning Program and through various academic exercises, you will be given the opportunity to become a civically engaged citizen. By using your community placement as a textbook in the learning process you will learn the three most important aspect of community based learning: reflection, reciprocity and an appreciation for difference. It is this form of experiential learning which lends hand to a deeper understanding of the society in which one lives, as well as, providing an avenue for one's personal and intellectual growth.

Over the course of the semester, you will be required by your professor and by the requirements of the program to complete between twenty to forty hours of service related activities (please note that courses will vary with regards to the hours required per semester). In an effort to be fully engaged, one should attempt to remove him or herself from their comfort zone and actively participate in addressing and meeting the needs of the respective Community Placement. I encourage you to be agents of your own learning and founders of your own intellectual being. You can make a difference!

Over the next several pages you will find the Online CBL Student Handbook where you will find necessary information related to your CBL experience. Please take some time to read through the entire handbook before your placement begins.

Feel free to come back to this page and click on the links below related to different topics you may need throughout the semester.


Brenda L. Papineau
Director, Community Based Learning Partnerships

CBL Student Handbook Topics:

What is Community Based Learning?
CBL Goals and Objectives
Current CBL Courses
Semester Dates to Remember
Placement Attendance Policy
CBL Requirements
Community Partnership Directory
Transportation Policy
Mileage Reimbursement Opportunities
Forms and Evaluations
Common Terms and Definitions
CBL Student Online Contract
Student Job Opportunities at the CCE
Student Housing Opportunities at the CCE
Stemler Civic Engagement Award