Bittersweet Farm

Location: Heuvelton, NY (approximately 25 miles from campus, 45 minutes driving)

Mission: According to the farm owners, Ann & Brian Bennett, The mission of Bittersweet Farm is to culturally link the work of the day and community with the life sustaining world around us through small scale, diversified agriculture. The farm has also pledged to be committed to caring locally and meeting organic principles as well as educate others about natural methods and rhythms rather than by mechanical principles. 

Projects: Students will assist Brian and Ann with tending to the farm animals (chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, horses, etc.), constructing and moving fencing, carpentry projects, starting seedlings in the greenhouse and other various farm projects. Students will be working outdoors in all kinds of weather so appropriate dress such as warm, closed-toe boots and layers that can get dirty should be worn.


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