Birdsfoot Farm

Location:Canton, NY (approximately five miles from campus. Please note that it may be an approximate 10 minute drive from campus)

Mission: According to their website "We are here at Birdsfoot Farm to create a sustainable, peaceful, nourishing life together with the land. We create this by working together in a collaborative group process – each person influences our vision with her/his energy and interests. We practice sustainability by sharing and conserving resources. We open our community to share our knowledge and experiences of sustainable life skills. We are learners as well as teachers and encourage the exchange of ideas. We balance work, play, and time for ourselves. We are not dogmatic. We each decide our own “convenience needs”, but there is a general understanding that we are trying to live simply."

Projects: Students who choose this agency will be able to do: harvesting, weeding, apple picking and pressing, and many other things.