Rebekah Green

Rebekah Green
Performance and Communication Arts
U.S. Virgin Islands

As a student from the U.S. Virgin Islands, I was interested to know that there was a Caribbean and Latin American studies minor at St. Lawrence. Because of the closeness in the department, I immediately felt welcomed by the CLAS professors and I feel that I have developed a close working relationship with them. They are strong, insightful individuals, and they all bring something new to the department because they each focus on high lighting specifics about the region that many people may not know about. Because many of the courses are cross listed with other departments, I have been able to learn and explore concepts in terms of Latin America and the Caribbean and since I am a representation of the Caribbean here at SLU, I find those concepts to be particularly important to me. Because I find the information I have learned about these Latin American and Caribbean countries to be so valuable, I feel that the minor plays an integral part in attempting to educate the rest of the St. Lawrence community about these global issues.