Michelle Laframboise

Michelle Laframboise
International Economics
Caribbean and Latin American studies
New Haven, VT

I am minoring in CLAS because I have an interest in the Latin American region and the Spanish language, especially after living in Costa Rica for 6 months.

I really enjoy learning about the culture and different values of Latin American citizens.

The most memorable moments that I had in CLAS courses were the courses that I took in Costa Rica. I was forced to learn completely in Spanish and really enjoyed using those classes to expand my vocabulary. The course that I enjoyed the most was called Geografia Mundial and discussed countries around the world from a Costa Rican perspective. Class members often shared their views on the United States, which were very based on stereotypes of citizens of the United States.

I am studying Spanish and I hope to continue studying Portuguese in the future.

I went abroad to Costa Rica in the spring of 2010.