Open course for Caribbean/Latin American Studies: CLAS 247B: Clinic Effects of Globalization on Human Rights

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Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:10 am - 11:40 am Room: C 017
Dr. Martha Chew-Sanchez
Pre-requisite: GS 102 or permission of the Instructor. Also counts as GS

This seminar examines the cultural, philosophical and political contestations over human rights, and provides students with critical grounding in the major theoretical debates over conceptualizations of human rights. The readings, seminar framings and discussions are aimed at developing a critical human rights framework, one that considers human rights as a contested terrain, as both an instrument of state power and a tool for social activism and political emancipation. We will also interrogate the neoliberal turn in human rights, the development of a human rights industry, and the role of the Inter-American system and international law in global governance. Although attentive to the limits of human rights as a structuring discourse and as a state ethics of power, we will explore the role of human rights in enabling claims to gender justice, social and cultural rights, as well as for mapping distinct poetic and cultural imaginaries. The course is a 1.0 unit and offers an extra .5 CBL where students will have a direct experience with a Human Rights case.