Law Careers

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Research and Special Opportunities

University Fellows Program
Faculty-student collaboration is at the heart of a St. Lawrence education. Undergraduate research is excellent preparation for the research work undertaken in law school and in the legal profession. Our faculty encourage special projects that engage your passion. The University Fellows program is a competitive, proposals-based program that provides a summer stipend for students to work on a challenging project under the close guidance of a faculty member. University Fellows are given summer housing in our Steiner Student Residences, new townhouse apartments.

Festival of Scholarship and Creativity
This annual event invites students to present their research and creative work to the campus community.

Career and Graduate School Guidance
A full-service program with staff ready to assist you as first-year students and well past graduation in every aspect of your exploration of careers and post graduation possibilities. Internships can be essential experiences to understanding the legal profession and our students have interned in national and state government as well as with law firms as assistants.

Washington Semester at American University
Those enrolled in the Washington Semester Program choose from these options: American politics, national government, public law, economic policy, foreign policy, international business and trade, journalism, justice, museum studies, and the arts. Students complete a semester-long internship.

Local, Regional and International Law and Government
Canton is the county seat for St. Lawrence County, and students regularly intern with such offices as the district attorney, social services, Supreme and County Courts, and the county legislature. Canton is also about 75 minutes from Ottawa, the capital of Canada, which is the site for many class visits to and student internships with Parliament.

Contemporary Issues Forum
The Contemporary Issues Forum brings experts and participants in the making of news to St. Lawrence University; many of these leading figures in government, journalism and public service engage students in seminars and discussion groups as well as offer public lectures.

Thelomathesian Society
Governance in action: our student government, the Thelomathesian Society, is a perfect opportunity to influence University policymaking, experience democracy in action and hone parliamentary and debate skills.