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Imagination. Creativity. Communicating your vision to others. Setting and reaching goals. Managing deadlines.

These, and other skills, are central to your work as a student of the arts. They're also essential to careers in all professions, so study of the arts contributes lifelong benefits.

The National Assembly of State Arts Organizations (NASAA) has completed research among business leaders to identify their view of arts and arts graduates. From this, NASAA has learned that business leaders believe:

  • Our knowledge-based economy creates jobs in the arts and arts-related industries.
  • Essential knowledge-economy workforce skills are developed by a rigorous, sequential arts education augmented by partnerships with artists and cultural organizations.
  • The arts help prepare students for living in the global society.
  • Engaged learning in other academic disciplines is stimulated by the arts.
  • The arts develop workforce skills both in school and out of school.
  • Achievement in science and technology is correlated with training in the arts.
  • The value of arts education to the knowledge economy has been recognized by other nations that have invested substantially in the arts.

(NASAA Research-based Communication Tool Kit, January 2007)

We believe a liberal arts education, with options for majors, minors and experiences in the arts, will help any student achieve life goals. Do our graduates agree? We asked them.

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