Teach ESL Abroad

There are thousands of opportunities to teach english as a second language (ESL) all over the world. You can search for positions on your own or go through an program provider.

Consider teaching ESL if ...

  • You enjoy teaching
  • You want to enhance your teaching skills
  • You want to experience life as a teacher before you choose it as your career path and get certified in the US

What country do you want to be in?

  • Have you been to the host country?
  • Do you want to learn a particular language?
  • Do you want/need to save money?
  • What type of climate do you prefer?
  • Big city or small town?
  • Is the country politically and economically stable?

Oxford Seminars is a great site for researching countries.

Are you going to go with a placement program?

  • Evaluate what is and what is not included in the program fee. Consider these things:
    • Training/Certification
    • Travel
    • Housing
    • Health Care
    • Living Expenses
    • Visa
    • Stipend/Salary
    • In-country Support
  • Evaluate the legitimacy of the program:
    • How long have they existed?
    • How many opportunities do they offer?
    • Can they connect you with someone who previously completed the program?

Other things to consider:

  • How long does your contract last?
  • How many hours will you work per week? (Including prep/planning time.)

Applying for ESL positions is very similar to applying for jobs in the United states. You will need:

  • Resume or CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Interview Skills
  • References or Letters of Recommendation

General Search Sites
Dave's ESL Cafe
Teach Abroad
English First
Peace Corps
World Teach
ESL Employment
ESL Job Find
Reach to Teach
Transitions Abroad
Footprints Recruiting
Ajarn (Thailand)

Good Programs by Country
Japan: JET Programme
Korea: EPIK, TALK and Adventure Teaching
Spain: Cultural Ambassadors
Hong Kong: Chatteris Education Foundation
South Africa: Teach South Africa

Additional Programs

TEFL/TESOL Certification
Oxford Seminars

Additional Resources for Teachers
English Meeting
English Club