Interview Basics: The Interview Guidebook

Interview Travel Fund: Get reimbursed for your travel expenses! If you are taking part in a required interview for prospective employment or graduate school, we may be able to get funding to cover your expenses in traveling to the interview. Simply complete the Interview Travel Fund request form, complete a Mock Interview with a Career Services professional and provide evidence of a required interview, in order to get approved for funding!

Mock Interview: Career Services conducts mock interviews for students upon request. You can do as many mock interviews as you would like to do to practice your interviewing skills. Call the office to schedule a mock interview. The staff will do their best to tailor questions to the specific industry and possibly company you have an interest in. Don't wait until the last minute -- appointment slots fill up quickly!

Career Resource Library: The Career Services office currently hosts a library of hard copy books to help you prepare for your interview. There are several books with additional practice questions, sample questions to ask employers and some books related to specific industries and/or job functions. You are welcome to check-out books from the library for 3-day time period. Visit us today to see the full library.

Employer Research: In the interview process you will likely be asked, "why are you interested in this company/organization?" or "what attracts you to this position?" You should be able to answer this question very thoroughly as a result of your extensive research of the company. You will also want to create questions for the employer that stems from your research. You can learn more about conducting employer research in STEP 4.

After the Interview: It is HIGHLY IMPORTANT that you send a thank you note immediately after your interview. This should be done within 24-48 hours. This shows the employer that you are professional, gives you the opportunity to reiterate your interest in the organization and the position, and sets you apart from the candidates who might forget this all-important step. For more information on thank you note, and for a sample, please look in the Professional Correspondence Guidebook.

Another critical piece to the interview process that is often neglected is to ask for FEEDBACK from your interviewer. If you do not get offered a position, it is appropriate to ask for feedback on why you were not selected as the candidate. This feedback/critique will help you improve for your next interview!