SLU LinkedIn Group Message for Students

Attention Students: A Change to the Alumni Network

Over the last year or two, there has been a considerable change in how
students and alumni approach networking, and with this change a decision has
been made to move the Alumni Network from SAINTSLink to LinkedIn.  St. Lawrence University maintains a specific group
within LinkedIn, and students and alumni interested in becoming part of this
group are encouraged to submit a request to join.  The St. Lawrence alumni network is strong and
active, and moving student/alumni networking to LinkedIn will allow students
and alumni to ask questions, participate in discussions, and share insights
with one another more freely.  Students may also invite alumni and others
to connect to them and have more in-depth “off-line” conversations.

As LinkedIn is a service for
individuals, each student will need to create a personal account on LinkedIn
and submit a request to join the SLU group. 
To maintain quality and to make sure everyone in the group understands have
to navigate and appropriately use LinkedIn, Career Services has created a
Networking/Effectively Using LinkedIn workshop which will be held several times throughout each semester.  Before your request to join the group is approved,
you must participate one of these sessions.

To submit your request to join the St. Lawrence networking group,go to and create a free
account or use your current account if you have one.  Complete as much of your profile as possible,
especially the Education section (requests to join will not be approved if the
Education section is not complete). 
After completing your profile, click on Groups, conduct a search by
typing in the search box "St. Lawrence University (SLU)", and click request
to join.  Remember, you cannot be approved until you participate in a
Networking/Effectively Using LinkedIn workshop and your Education section is complete.  Once approved, you will be able to post questions,
participate in discussions, and add connections to your network. 

If you have questions or require assistance please contact Career Services
at or (315)