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Networking & LinkedIn Presentation

This presentation will give you information on how to Network with alumni and other professionals and how to create a LinkedIn profile and join the SLU LinkedIn group.  To be approved for membership in the SLU group, students must submit this quiz.

Resume Creation (15:30 min.)

This presentation will give you information about what content you want to include when creating a resume and how a resume should be formatted.

Writing Cover Letters (8:18 min.)

This presentation will guide you through what information should be included in each section of a cover letter and the professional format in which it should be written.

Informational Interviewing (5:06 min.)

This brief presentation will tell you what an informational interview is and how to schedule and prepare for one. It also includes a list of questions you might ask during an informational interview and gives guidelines for what to do after.  Quiz

How to Find an Internship

This presentation covers the basics of how to use available resources to search for internships and serves as starting point for any student about to start their internship search! After viewing, be sure to check out these important updates.

Job Search Workshop (20:04 min.)

The Job Search workshop will give you an overview of the entire job search process.  This presentation will review several resources you can use in identifying opportunities, as well as give you insight on all of the key pieces of the job search including career exploration, resume creation, cover letter development and interviewing skills.

Interviewing (30:41 min.)

This presentation takes you through all you need to know about interviewing including how to prepare, what to wear, questions to expect, questions to ask, and how you might respond to common interview questions.

Applying for an Internship Fellowship

This presentation takes you through all you need to know about the application process for an internship fellowship. PLEASE NOTE: Fellowships are now only available for summer internships, and some important changes have been made to the eligibility requirements since the making of this presentation.  Please check out our full list of eligibility guidelines.