Job Resources for International Students

Job Resources for
International Students

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International Students:

Books in the Career Resource
Library for International Jobs

International Section

  • Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign
  • The Directory of Websites for International Jobs
  • International Graduate: The Magazine for Employment
    and Postgraduate Opportunities Worldwide
  • International Jobs: Where They Are, How To Get Them
  • International Jobs Directory
  • International Job Finder: Where the Jobs Are Worldwide
  • Jobs and Careers Abroad
  • Directory of Jobs and Careers Abroad
  • The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas
  • How to Get a Job in Europe
  • Teaching English Abroad
  • Teaching English Overseas
  • Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: How to do Business in Sixty
  • Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United

Resume Section

  • The Global Resume and CV Guide
  • Best Resume and CVs for International Jobs

Business Etiquette Section

  • Global Business Etiquette