Intern Abroad

In other countries the idea of interning may be quite different from the United States.  Where you might have a great internship opportunity in the states that allows you to build on professional experience, you may be pushing papers and getting coffee in another country. Before you apply for an internship, make sure the job responsibilities are well laid and that you would be getting quality professional experience during your time there.

Things to consider:

  • What are you hoping to gain from an internship experience?
  • What prepares you to intern abroad? (Fluent in another language? Visited the host country?)
  • How does the internship fit into your academic and career goals?
  • How are internships perceived in that host country?
  • What are the immigration regulations where you are applying?
  • Have you considered internships in the US with an international organization?
  • Is the internship paid or unpaid? Can you afford to complete it? (Consider applying for a fellowship)
  • Are you willing to pay a fee to participate in an internship abroad?

You can search for internships on your own, or there are program providers that you can go through. Consider these things when choosing a program provider:

  • You will pay a fee to the program provider (price varies), this fee may include:
    • Visa application and paperwork
    • Housing
    • Set up of internship
    • Meals
    • In-country support
  • The fee may NOT include:
    • Travel expenses
    • Travel and Medical Insurance
    • Visa Fees
  • Make sure the program is legitimate:
    • DO NOT communicate solely over email/the web
    • Make sure to call and talk to a live person
    • Ask for names of past participants that you can talk to for questions
    • If they ask for money before you send your application in it is probably a HOAX!

Applying for internships abroad is the same process as applying in the United States. You will need:

  • Resume or CV (Different countries have different formats for resumes, so do your research!)
  • Cover Letter
  • Interview Skills
  • Possibly Letters of Recommendation

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