Information for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Can my son/daughter have an individual appointment with someone in Career Services?

A. Yes, we meet with students individually to discuss a variety of topics including career exploration, deciding on a major, job and internship searching, resume writing, graduate school applications, and much more. To set up an appointment they can simply call our office at 315-229-5906 or stop by between 8-5 M-F and we will find a time that works for their schedule.

 Q. Is Career Services just for seniors?

A. Absolutely not! We provide services for all four class years. Please review our Four Year Roadmap for information on what students should be working on and taking advantage of in each class year.

 Q. Can you help my son/daughter find an internship?

A. Students can make individual internship appointments with our Internship Coordinator, attend one of our How To Find an Internship workshops which are held several times each semester, or watch the entire workshop in our online media room, which all students have access to through the Career Services website.  Juniors can also attend Internship Bootcamp, a four hour workshop held one Saturday each semester.  We post many "SLU Connected" Internships on our online database, SAINTSLink, which all students have access to, and they also have access to thousands of internship postings through the Liberal Arts Career Network and the Nationwide Internship Consortium. If your son or daughter has questions about any of these resources they can always schedule an individual appointment with our office.

 Q. What alumni networking opportunities exist through Career Services?

A. Students have access to our alumni mentor network through the SLU group on LinkedIn, and can access many "SLU Connected" job and internship postings sent to us by alumni contacts on SAINTSLink. Shadow-A-Saint gives students an opportunity to shadow a SLU alum for a day over a break. Several networking events take place throughout the year as well including Laurentians in Residence, on-campus career panels, mock-tail events, and skyped conversations with alumni.

 Q. How many students get jobs after graduation?

A. For the last decade the percentage of graduates employed or in graduate studies within 6 months of graduation has been approximately 93-96%. For more detailed information, please refer to the Outcomes section of the Institutional Research website for detailed information!   

Q. My son/daughter doesn’t know what career field they want to go into. Can you help them figure this out?

A. We offer a number of services to help students with the career exploration process, including skill and interest inventories and personality assessments. We offer a course for sophomores, Charting Your Career Path, and we are available to meet individually with your son or daughter to talk with them about their possible career interests.  Our library in Career Services also has many books that can be helpful to career exploration. Our website also has an extensive  Career Exploration section.

 Q. What can my son/daughter do with a major in _____? (fill in the blank!)

A. As a liberal arts institution we are not assigning a specific career direction to each student based simply on the major they select. However, there are some careers and majors that are often paired together. For more information check out What Can I Do With a Major In...? section of our website.

 Q. Are students required to use Career Services?

A. Use of the Career Services office is not required in order to graduate. However, we make every effort to reach out to students of every class year and encourage all students to use our services. All Seniors are scheduled for a “Senior Meeting” during the first 6 weeks of their senior year whether they have ever visited our office or not.

 Q. My son/daughter is home on break. What can they be doing now to work on their career plans while away from campus?

A. Most of our online resources are available to students even when they are not on campus. This includes our resume and cover letter guidebooks, online PowerPoint presentations, and the SAINTSlink database. Networking with professionals in your hometown area is also a good idea. Students can refer to our presentation on how to conduct informational interviews in the media room of our website. We do still encourage that they schedule an appointment with our office when they return to campus.

 Q. Is Career Services still available to my son/daughter while they are studying abroad? What about after they graduate?

A. Yes and yes. We work with abroad students and graduates over e-mail, phone, and skype and do our best to work around time differences and work schedules!

 Q. Is there funding available to help my son or daughter cover expenses related to their career development?

A. We offer funding in the form of Internship Fellowships designed to assist with necessary living expenses during an unpaid internship experience. Students can apply online. We also offer interview travel funding which provides up to $100 towards travel expenses for job and/or internship interviews. Students can pick up application forms in our office.

Q. Can my son/daughter get academic credit for an unpaid internship?

A. Academic credit can be earned through the 1/4 credit Career Connections Internship course, or credit can sometimes be obtained through an independent study. To do this the student must work together with a faculty member who then must approve the independent study with the registrar’s office.

We hope this information is helpful to SLU parents as you assist your son or daughter with their future plans!