Graduate School

So You’re Thinking About Graduate School . . .

If you are on-campus, consider attending events this fall in the Graduate School Series.

Perhaps you’re seriously considering pursuing a graduate education or maybe you’re just curious about what’s out there. Either way, the resources on these pages can be helpful to you. There are really five steps in graduate or professional school process:

Step 1: Decide if Graduate School Is Right for You
Step 2: Identify and Research Graduate or Professional Programs
Step 3: Take Admissions Tests and Complete Applications
Step 4: Choose the Best Program for You
Step 5: Find Ways to Fund Your Future Education

Career Services is available to help you anywhere along the way. Our Career Library is full of resources including graduate school listings, books for assisting with the application process, test preparation guides and test booklets, and grant and scholarship information. In addition, an appointment with a career advisor can be helpful at any stage in the process such as reading an application essay, helping you to develop a resume for your application or assistantship search, or working with you to find ways to fund your graduate education