Faculty Interview Form

Faculty Interview Form for Information on Majors

Faculty members at St. Lawrence are significant resources for career
and educational planning information. This form is designed to
facilitate the use of this resource by giving students ideas on what
information to inquire about with faculty. Before the interview, be
aware of what other resources you can look at about the program
(website, catalog), then decide what specific questions you want to

The following questions may give your interview a sense of direction and improve the quality of the experience.

  • What are the current program requirements?
  • What are the anticipated changes in this program?
  • What major/minor combinations are most marketable?
  • What is the average class size?
  • How many faculty members are in this department?
  • How many office hours does faculty offer for additional assistance?
  • Are there classes which offer a good introduction to the area?
  • Is the program highly research based?
  • Are there opportunities in the curriculum for hands on experience?
  • What careers have graduates of this program entered?
  • How important is it to receive a graduate degree in this field for employment?
  • What is the employment outlook?
  • What is the average entry level salary?
  • What do individuals in the field like/dislike about their jobs?
  • Are there special considerations about this program that I should
    be aware of (i.e., G.P.A. requirements, state licensing, etc)?
  • How did you get where you are today?
  • Is there anything I didn’t ask that you feel I should know about this program?

After the interview, write down a summary of what you liked/disliked
about the program. What other information do you need to gather to
learn more about the major? If you are still uncertain, contact another
faculty member in the department for more information or come into the
Career Services office for general information about the major and
corresponding career paths.