Career Exploration

Not sure what you want to major in or what careers relate to different majors?
Want to learn more about SLU majors and corresponding careers?
Wondering what steps to take towards getting into a particular major or career?

Simply ask yourself the following questions…

1.  Where am I on the road to my career? Not sure? Check out the 4 Year Roadmap!

The roadmap provides you with suggestions about how to make the most of your four years here at St. Lawrence. Use the timetable as a guideline for making decisions about your future and review it often to make sure you are mapping everything out according to your plan. Every student has a unique set of career goals and considerations so your journey may be different than that of your peers. Don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions along the way. The Career Services office is available for any questions that you may have. Your destination is what you make of it; let’s make sure you are off on the right foot!

First Year




Remember, these are just guidelines. There is more than one way to get to any particular destination…and you never know what you could discover if you take the road less traveled or let yourself get lost for a while. Be open to exploring new things…you just want to make sure that you are getting there on time. Are you a lead-foot who has already surpassed this years’ set of goals? GOOD FOR YOU! Are you dragging behind and allowing others to pass you by? PICK UP THE PACE and meet with a professional in Career Services to accelerate your progress!

2.  Am I fully aware of my interests, abilities, values and goals? 

If YES, write them down, bring the list into Career Services and meet with an advisor to explore what major and career paths would be a good fit for you.

If NO, come in to the Career Services office to meet with an advisor who can help you discover your interests, abilities, values and goals. The Career Services office has a number of assessments that are easy to take and can help you:

  • Figure out the relationship between your strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, and goals and identify corresponding majors and careers you might be skilled at and/or enjoy
  • Get ideas for careers that might be a good fit for you, including some you may have never thought about
  • Match your personality type with professionals already in the field who are happy and successful

3.  Am I aware of all of the career possibilities for each major at St. Lawrence?

Learn more about each major; corresponding careers, employers and job titles, the skills that are necessary for success, where you can get more information and how you can get involved now to be more marketable for the jobs you want in the future.


Anthropology Fine Arts Neuroscience
Biochemistry Francophone Studies Performance and Communication Arts
Biology Geology
Chemistry German Studies Philosophy
Computer Science Global Studies Physics
Conservation Biology Government Psychology
Economics History Religious Studies
English Mathematics Sociology
Environmental Studies Music Spanish

For a list of all majors, minors, combined and interdisciplinary majors at SLU click HERE

4.  Where can I get more information to assist me in the career planning process?

Careers Out There: Features short interviews with professionals in all types of jobs talking about what they do in an effort to help you find the right career. Watch a few of these videos to get an idea of what’s out there!

Charting Your Career Path and Career Success for Sophomores: These courses are free and open to interested sophomores but are limited to 15 students so you better sign up fast! The courses offer no credit and includes vital information to assist you in the exploration process. For more information call x5906.

Spotlight on Careers: An introduction to more than 25 industries preferred by liberal arts students. This ever growing library of web links includes information on internships, jobs, graduate and professional schools, and profiles of alumni. Take a  look; you'll find SLU Alumni profiles here.

Alumni Network: The SLU alumni network is active and strong, and a great resource for students interested in speaking with alumni about various career-related topics.   The SLU Group on LinkedIn is where students may go to interact with alumni, ask questions, participate in discussions, and make connections.  For more information on the SLU LinkedIn group and how to join, click here.

Shadow A Saint: This program takes place over winter and summer breaks and involves being connected with one of our alumni sponsors to shadow for a traditional one-day experience, or the multi-day mini-internship experience in their place of employment. This is a great opportunity to get an inside look at a particular profession, make valuable networking contacts, and gain confidence in the professional world. Questions? Call x5906.

Internships: Did you know that around half of SLU students participate in an internship? Internships make it possible for you to experience the ins and outs of different kinds of jobs. For more information click here or set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Laurentians-In-Residence: Each semester a panel of SLU alumni come back to campus to discuss and answer questions about their career path and choices. For information on this semester’s panel, check out our calendar or call x5906.

Career Resource Library: Flip through over 1,500 books on topics from accounting to zoology. Explore our “Great Jobs for … Majors” series, “Opportunities in … “ series and “Careers in …” series along with many other titles that can assist you with career and industry information. Located in the Career Services office. Here you’ll find everything from a salary calculator, to videos on various careers, to a database of majors. Take some time to explore the site; there’s a wealth of information.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook and O*NET: Describe what professionals do on the job, working conditions, required education and training, salary, and expected job outlooks for a wide variety of occupational titles.

My Next Move: Created by the same government organization which developed the O'Net website. It's highly interactive, and helps you figure out what career paths you might be interested in following.

NY CareerZone: Developed by the NYS Department of Labor this website offers information on careers, includes short videos and free self-assessments to help you figure out which careers fit you best.

The Princeton Review has a career exploration website which profiles of hundreds of occupations.

Click here for more information on Choosing a Major.