A student with a Bachelor's degree in anthropology has acquired critical analysis skills, oral and written communication skills, "people" skills, and a great understanding of many different cultures, which have many applications in public service, political activism and the private sector. An emphasis in Sociocultural Anthropology could prepare one for work in development, community organizing, policy analysis, and social research. Linguistic Anthropologists may work in the areas of inter-cultural communication, language revitalization, and literacy programs. An emphasis in Archaeology yields prospects for entry-level employment or degree-related careers with one of many Federal and State agencies and private cultural resource management firms. Biological and Medical Anthropologists have the skills which are useful in the growing sector of health related occupations and traditional research. Anthropology graduates are regarded as having excellent preparation for professional training in Law, Medicine, Public Health, School Administration, and Urban Planning. Some of the employment areas for Anthropology majors include:

  • Teaching in Universities and Colleges: In anthropology departments, medical schools, international studies programs.
  • Museums: Exhibit design, conservation of and research with collections, museum administration.
  • Federal Agencies: Many archaeologists and cultural anthropologists work for the National Park Service, the Agency for International Development, the National Institutes of Health, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other agencies. Some are also employed as staff members for Congressional committees.
  • International Agencies: Anthropologists with expertise in cultures of developing countries are employed by the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the World Bank.
  • Consulting: Includes historical and ethnographic research for Indian tribes; forensic work for police agencies; archaeological survey and excavation, social/cultural impact assessment for large-scale construction projects; designing bilingual and bicultural curricula with school professionals; assessing health care services for specific cultural groups.

Anthropologists are increasingly being employed in non-academic (applied) settings as well as in academia. Students obtaining employment immediately upon graduation are usually those with the best college records and a willingness to relocate to find a job. Use the following examples of employment opportunities for Anthropology majors as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider. Some of these jobs also require education beyond the bachelors' degree.

Related Career Titles for Anthropology Majors

Academic Advisor/Counselor Actuary Advertiser Advocate
Affirmative Action Representative Alumni Affairs Coordinator Anthropologist Archaeological Technician
Archaeologist Archivist/Historian Art Conservator Art Historian/Art Educator
Assistant in Health and Human Services Behavioral Science Advisor Bilingual/Bicultural Program Specialist Biographer
Biomedical/Medical Research Assistant Bureau of Indian Affairs Researcher Career Planning and Placement Counselor Cartographer
Caseworker Collections Manager College Admissions Officer College Professor
Community Development Officer Community Planner Compensation/Benefits Coordinator Computer Simulation Model Designer
Congressional Committee Staff Director Consulting Operations Administrator Contract Archaeologist Coroner/Medical Examiner
Corporate Communications Consultant Correspondent/Stringer Cultural Artifact Specialist Cultural Resource Manager
Customer Service Representative Customs Officer Educational Researcher Employee Relations Specialist
Employment Recruiter Energy Researcher Environmental Impact Assessment Researcher Ethnologist
Family Service Counselor Field Archaeologist Film Researcher/Copywriter Financial Researcher
Foreign Affairs Officer Foreign Service Officer Forensic Anthropologist Foundation Program Manager
Freelance Writer Court Caseworker Genealogist Genealogical Services Specialist
Genetic Counselor Head Start Program Director Health Science Administrator Historical Projects Coordinator
Historical Museum Administrative Assistant Historical Research Assistant Historical Society Administrative Assistant Hotel Hospitality Representative
Housing and Student Life Coordinator Human Resources Manager Human Resources Recruiter Human Resources Training Specialist
Immigration Agent Immigration Inspector Industrial Psychologist Institutional Researcher/Historian
Insurance Claims Adjuster Intelligence Officer International Agency Representative International Visitor Escort/Consultant
Investment Banking Analyst Trainee Job Counselor Journalist Labor Relations Researcher
Laboratory Assistant Law Enforcement Officer Legislative Aide Librarian
Linguist Loan Officer/Bank Officer Lobbying Researcher/Organizer Management Consultant
Management Trainee Marketing Manager Marketing Researcher Market Research Assistant Account Executive
Market Research Interviewer Market Research Project Supervisor Market Research Statistician Media Planner
Media Specialist Medical Anthropologist Multicultural Education Specialist/Director Museum Curator/Technician
Museum Education Director National/State Park Interpreter Paralegal Paleontologist
Park Service Supervisor/Director Peace Corps Area Director Peace Corps Volunteer Personnel Assistant
Personnel Management Specialist Physician Political Campaign Worker Preschool and Elementary School Teacher
Preservation/Restoration Assistant Probation Officer Program Assistant Public Affairs Coordinator
Public Health Educator Publications Researcher Public Relations/Public Information Specialist Research Associate/Assistant
Radio/Television Researcher Reporter/Staff Writer Rural Development Officer Sales Representative
Scientific Linguist Secondary School Teacher Social Insurance Representative Social Science Analyst
Social Worker Social Service Agency Planner Sociological Research Assistant Special Education Administrator
Special Program Teachers Staff Training Specialist State/Federal Government Policy Analyst Student Activities Advisor
Student Union Coordinator Survey Assistant Teacher, Elementary/Secondary Teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL)
Technical Writer Tour Guide Trade Show Coordinator Transplant Registry Database Manager
Travel Agent/Guide Travel Consultant Underwriter Trainee Union Legal Counsel
Urban Planner Vocational Teacher Volunteer Coordinator  

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agencies, colleges and universities, museums, and the private sector.

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