The Canton Farmer’s Market: Fresh as Fresh Can Be

From sun-ripened tomatoes and kale to homemade apple pies and jams, the Canton Farmer’s Market, a short walk from campus in the center of town, has something to offer everyone – and it’s usually affordable on a college student budget.

“I definitely recommend that students go to the market,” says Andrea Strauss ’14. “It’s helpful to the community, and a great place to walk around even if you don’t plan to buy anything.” She goes to the twice-weekly market regularly in the fall.

“I eat a lot of the vegetables raw because they’re really fresh,” Andrea says. “When I do cook them, I keep the dishes really simple because they’re great on their own.” She lives in the L.I.G.H.T. house, a theme house that promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

“All of the vendors are so nice and excited to see students; they’re also really helpful with explaining what things are or sharing tips on cooking and storage,” says Andrea. “I try to go to different vendors each time because they all have a variety of foods and other items.” If food isn’t your interest, numerous craftspeople also populate the market, with lots of modestly priced gift ideas.                                                                                              --Jasmine Wallace