Student Bios

Corey Parent
Majors: Economics and Government

I came to St. Lawrence in the fall of 2008 eager to start my studies in both Economics and Government. Little did I know, however, that I would fall in love with Canadian Studies. I took my first...

Ed Forbes
Majors: History/Canadian Studies and English Literature

St. Lawrence’s proximity both to Canada and to the Adirondacks and the endless recreation opportunities the region affords were immediately attractive to Ed Forbes in his search for colleges....

Colin French
Majors: Canadian Studies and Economics

I'm a hometown Canton kid and I enjoy St. Lawrence University's small town atmosphere.  While there’s never a shortage of things to do, it’s always peaceful here.

From the first class...

Taylor Moon
Majors: Biochemistry

I truly believe that SLU offers students something more just than academics, athletics, or extracurriculars activities. Students who graduate from St. Lawrence bring a separate set of leadership...

Dr. Sarah Riegel
Majors: Canadian Studies and Government

Having grown up in the Midwest, I may never have heard of St. Lawrence if not for being a hockey fan. One afternoon during my sophomore year in high school, I was working in the college counseling...

Jake Klancher
Majors: Economics
Minors: Canadian Studies

Jake believes college is about igniting a passion and exploring it until an idea clicks and sets you off for the rest of your life to then pursue and immerse oneself in that passion. According to...