Corey Parent

Corey Parent
Corey Parent
Economics and Government
St. Albans, VT
I have found much to keep me quite active during my time at St. Lawrence. I have served as President of our student government, the Thelomathesian Society. I am also a founding father of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity on campus, an Admissions Ambassador, and a member of College Republicans.

I came to St. Lawrence in the fall of 2008 eager to start my studies in both Economics and Government. Little did I know, however, that I would fall in love with Canadian Studies. I took my first class with Dr. Forkey in the spring of my sophomore year and I was hooked immediately. I have always lived within twenty miles of the Canadian border, yet I never really understood much about the Canada. Through studying its geography, history, politics, and literature I have gained a more sophisticated understanding of our neighboring country and its culture.

Canadian Studies relates to so many different fields of study. Learning about Canada has become such a passion of mine; so much so, I have found myself doing a lot of outside reading on Canada. Through my classes in Canadian studies, I have reinforced my understanding of both political and economic teachings I gained from my other courses at SLU.

Corey Parent