Ashleigh Sheridan

Ashleigh Sheridan
Ashleigh Sheridan
Canadian Studies
Canton, NY
I am involved with the Advocates group, participated in a community based learning project with local U.S. war veterans, and am a student worker in the education department. When I'm not at SLU, I'm a pharmaceutical technician at a local store .

Throughout my time growing up in Canton, being able to attend St. Lawrence University was a life-long dream. SLU has surpassed my expectations and my time here has been wonderful for me. I've been able to explore my interests while also studying an array of other topics to round out my education.

Despite growing up so close to Canada, I never had the opportunity to study it until I arrived at SLU. I was fascinated right from my first semester when I enrolled in an introductory course in Canadian Studies. Further study since then has revealed not only the many similarities, but many surprising differences between the two countries. To culminate my undergraduate studies, I plan to study in Canada for a semester.