Sykes Residence

Campaigns 101: Political Training Workshop

This workshop led by SLU alum and campaign professional Patrick Sheridan-Rossi will examine how political campaigns are organized and how field operations can be used to successfully reach and influence voters. You will learn how you can replicate this process for your social, civil and political causes. Mr. Rossi will also discuss how to get a job working on a political campaign. Whether you are considering a career in politics or just want to learn more about campaigns, this workshop is for you.

American Shakespeare Center presents "Henry IV, Part I

Henry IV, Part 1
Stuff that happens before the play

• King Richard II yields his crown to his cousin Bullingbrook, making him King Henry IV.

• King Henry sends Richard to Pomfret castle where he is eventually killed by Henry’s supporters.

• At the close of Richard II (the play chronologically preceding Henry IV, Part 1), the newly enthroned Henry IV promises to make a penitential trip to the Holy Land.



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