Hepburn Hall

Annual Church Lecture in Neuroscience

Music and the Brain - Dr. Jessica Grahn
Annual Church Lecture in Neuroscience

7:00 pm  November 11, 2014  Hepburn Auditorium

Dr. Grahn investigates how music affects the brain and behavior.  Her topics include: how music makes us move, how musical training changes brain structure and whether music can benefit patients with neurological disorders, including patients with Parkinson's disease.  Her lab is also investigating how music affects cognitive abilities, such as memory or reasoning. 

Dr. Peter Lewin is Visiting Speaker

The Department of Economics Visiting Speaker Series in Political Economy will present Peter Lewin at 7:30 p.m., October 29.  Lewin, a clinical professor of managerial economics at the University of Texas - Dallas, will deliver his presentation titled "IT's the Entrepreneur, Stupid:  The Alternative Economics of Competition and the Firm."

More information is available here.

Lecture: Unnatural Disasters

Michelle A. Mayer, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Louisiana State University; Research Associate, Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis, Colorado State University; and Assistant Research Scientist, Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, Texas A&M will present a lecture titled "Unnatural Disasters:  Extreme Events, Social Stratification and the Environment" on Thursday, October 2 at 7 p.m.


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