Travel Advance Request

The University will provide cash advances to faculty and staff who do not have M&T Travel Cards and are traveling on authorized business.  Advances may also be issued to students who have been awarded university funds for travel expenses. Travel advances should only be used to pay for out of pocket costs which can not be paid by credit card or directly paid by the University.  The size of the advance must be a reasonable amount for the length and location of the trip and may not exceed $500.  Each cash advance is the personal obligation of the traveler, therefore, the traveler is responsible for any lost or stolen cash advances.

Travel advances may be requested by submitting an approved Travel Advance Request form to the Business Office.  If the employee receives their salary payment by direct deposit, the advance will be credited to the same bank account.  If the employee receives their salary payment by check, a check will be issued for the advance.  Approved payment requests with all required information received by Tuesday at 4:00 PM will be issued on the following Friday if by check and Monday if by direct deposit.

An approved expense report must be submitted to substantiate the expenses paid with the advance within 20 business days after the trip.  Any advance funds not used must be returned with the report.  If an expense report to clear an advance is not received within the required timeframe, the Business Office will send a reminder.  An advance not accounted for with an expense report with 120 days will be reported to the appropriate vice president and deemed taxable income to the employee.  Appropriate payroll taxes will be withheld in the employee's next salary payment.

Employees may not have more than one travel advance outstanding at any time.  Reimbursements for other business expenditures and additional advances will not be made until the prior advance is substantiated.