Purchasing Office Supplies

St. Lawrence University has an exclusive agreement with W.B. Mason for the purchase of office supplies and paper at reduced costs. Orders placed online at www.wbmason.com and ordered by 5:00 p.m. will be delivered the next scheduled delivery day, which are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

The Brewer Bookstore maintains a small inventory of office supplies and paper which may be purchased for emergency needs. The bookstore purchase price contains an additional markup, however, so it's preferable for departments to purchase supplies directly from W.B. Mason using the online system.

An added feature with contracting with WB Mason is that any employee, staff or faculty may now personally purchase at the same discounted rate that St Lawrence receives.  Please contact Purchasing to set up a personal account. 

New users should contact Purchasing.  They will establish the user as an authorized buyer for the designated accounts and return a user id and password. The user may then access the online system to order supplies. The system is very customer friendly and provides excellent online assistance. Charges for all purchases ordered through approximately the 23rd of each month will be posted directly to Webadvisor (St. Lawrence University's Financial Records System) by the last day of the same month.

Additional questions or requests for assistance should be directed to Purchasing (x5908).

Copier Paper: departments requiring standard, white paper should contact the Duplicating Center(x5891). The paper will be ordered and funded by the Duplicating Center and delivered by W.B. Mason on the same schedule as office supplies.

Other paper (for printers, faxes, etc.) departments should order directly through W.B. Mason and charge their department account.