Analytic Thinking

Business leaders must be prepared to confront new innovations that continuously arise in a dynamic world. To this end, we believe that business leaders must have an exposure to scientific and analytic methods and should be prepared to evaluate the costs and benefits brought forth by an innovation. The courses in this area inherently foster analytical problem solving skills, preparing students to make informed choices regarding innovations.

Courses that May Fill This Elective Include (but are not limited to):

BIOL 101/102: General Biology

CHEM 103/104: General Chemistry

CS 140: Introduction to Computer Programming

ECON 342: Econometrics

ECON 344: Mathematical Economics

MATH 135: Calculus I

MATH 136: Calculus II

PHIL 302: Symbolic Logic

PHYS 103/104: College Physics

PHYS 151/152: University Physics