Dennis Kostic

Dennis Kostic
Wilton, CT
Ruckus Bus (ultimate Frisbee team), The Improv Lab, piano, hiking, rock climbing, cycling

"Growing up in suburban Connecticut I was never really certain what I wanted to do or study. I knew I had always enjoyed the outdoors but had never fully accessed it before or knew what it truly had to offer. I also knew I loved music but was not confident enough with myself to try and pursue it. But after coming up to SLU my eyes were opened to several different possibilities and activities. I was able to break out and try new and different things I never thought I would be able to do. Whether it was doing a paddling trip with the Outing Program or trying to join an ensemble on campus I never felt unwelcomed or that I was holding the group back. St. Lawrence allowed me to grow as an individual and find what things really make me happy."

"As I said, I was never very confident when it came to music. Sure I might of be able to tell you what track number six was off of 'Highway 61 Revisited' by Bob Dylan, but I would of never been able to tell you what key or even what time signature the song was in. However; after these past four years the Music Department here has taken me in and has treated me like family. I have never had someone (professor or peer) in the department tell me I was wrong, only that there might be a better way to solve something. The professors and faculty in the department could have easily of deterred me from being a music major but instead they nurtured my desire to grow and learn. They showed me that it does not matter how much I know going into something but rather what matters is what I can get out of something in the end and what I can learn from the overall experience."

"Immediately following graduation in May, I will be working for the Adirondack Mountain Club at the Adirondack Loj in Lake Placid, NY. Ideally in the future I will attend graduate school (for music of course) and/or will try and find some type of internship or employment at a music publishing or management company. But realistically, my plans for the future right now are to have a job."