Mr. Peterson K Maina

Peterson Maina
Mr. Peterson K Maina
Mombasa, Kenya
General Biology Teaching Assistant, Career Services Peer Advisor, Science Writing Centre Tutor, SLU Advocate, African Student union member, Habitat for Humanity member, Intramural soccer player, University Chorus member

I immersed myself into campus life as soon as I came to St. Lawrence. In my first year, I was involved with the University Chorus Music ensemble, the Collegiate Science and Entry program (CSTEP), and worked in the animal vivarium. Since my second year, I have served as a Peer Advisor with the Career Services Office, a Teaching Assistant for the General Biology courses, and a Writing Mentor with the First Year Program and Science Writing Centre. Over my four years at St. Lawrence, I have expanded my leadership capacities too. I served as the Student Delegate to the Alumni Executive Council and as the President of the African Student Union.  I also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and the Newman centre.  In addition, I found the time to play intramural soccer with the African Student Union team.  During the summer of my junior and senior years, I was awarded a SLU Summer Fellowship to conduct research with Dr. Emily Dixon on DNA enzyme regulation and manipulation. The fall semester of my senior year, I studied abroad in Copenhagen Denmark, and returned to St. Lawrence to complete my senior year independent research project.