Between Intramurals and Varsity: Club Sports

“It’s extremely easy to get involved in club sports on campus,” says Annie Wheeler ’14, a member of the women’s hockey club team. Open to all students, club sports offer extracurricular competition, unlike intramurals, but without the demands of varsity play.

Club teams, ranging from ultimate Frisbee and Alpine skiing to soccer, lacrosse and broomball, offer an opportunity for friendly competition against neighboring institutions including SUNY Canton, Clarkson, UVM, Hobart and William Smith, and many others.

“Students can benefit in many ways from club sports,” says Annie. “I’ve always believed that it’s easier to be healthy if you have a group to do it with. Club sports encourage students to get out and be active, whether out on a field or in the rink.”

In addition to the affable competitions with other teams, club sports allow students to interact outside of an academic setting. “The best part of club sports is meeting new people. There might be people on your team that you never would have met otherwise. Playing as a team brings you closer together,” Annie says. “Even if you have never played before, it might be a great opportunity to try something new.”

--Brittany Moten